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Potential Rules:

Conan 2.0 Classes (minus spellcasting classes) and Rules

Variable Touch and AC (defensive rolls)

2 types of crits – Regular natural crits that work as normal (including the massive damage threshold of 20); and a "Span Crit" that allow an opportunity attack if a hit is scored and the defensive roll is beaten by 11 or more.

Starting HP are based on class HD, as per the Conan rules.

Starting ability scores are generated with 1d10+8.

Extended rests regenerate CON score worth of HP. Potions/scrolls work as normal.

Weapons break when defensive rolls and attack rolls are equal (strike inflicts damage to the defender's weapon as per sundering rules (without provoking). 

Magic items: Severely limited, with weapons and armor giving bonuses, but not inferring special abilities (+1, +2; no vorpal or keen etc.)

We will all use the dice roller located on the title bar of Obsidian portal, adding the relevant bonuses, and posting the results (as well as desired fluff) in the comments for each stage of the adventure on the Adventure Log page. 

More To Come….

New Feats 

Fate Points: in addition to the standard uses for fate points (staying alive once slain, inflicting maximum damage on a foe, etc.) there will be one related to gaining back some portion of hit points if certain criteria are met, which I haven’t determined just yet. A sudden burst of strength from fatigued muscles being the idea, a last fateful strike that downs the enemy who’s gloating above your crumpled form.

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