Kel Harunson



Male human
Barbarian 2

HP 22
+4 (dodge), +3 (parry), touch +1, flat-footed 10
Versatility; Fearless; Track
+4, Ref +6, Will +2
16, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 9, Cha 11
Common, Gnoll
Climb +8; Hide +4; Intimidate +4; Jump +2; Listen +4; Move Silently +4; Spot +4; Survival +3; Swim +7.
Two-Weapon Combat; Track; Power Attack; Cleave.
Equipment: Cutlass, dagger, loincloth, belt pouch, 3 days trail rations, sandals, belt, bedroll, waterskin, flint & steel, 50 ft hemp rope, grappling hook, sack, 9 torches, whetstone, leather jerkin, hunting bow, 12 arrows

Melee: +5 (2 BAB + 3 STR)
Finesse: +5 (2 BAB + 3 DEX)
Ranged: +5 (2 BAB + 3 DEX)


Kel Harunson
Human Male; 17 Years Old; 6'7" tall; 255 Lbs; Right handed; Ruddy skinned; Hair color of straw; Gray-blue eyes.

Kel paused, sniffing at the air like a wild beast, before hurtling forward once more down the trail. He was certain somehow that he was closing in on his prey. The foul mage who had taken so much from him would soon be begging at his feet for mercy, but none would come.

Kel Harunson was the second of three boys born to Harun Redrikson. The eldest died in a freak blizzard at the age of six, and Kel rarely smiled again afterwards. As soon as he was able, Kel joined the hunters on their daily treks into the forest. In all honesty, he was a poor tracker who often spooked his target before he could get within bow range. What he lacked in talent, however, he made up for ten times over in pure stubborness. He might have eventually become one of the best hunters in the tribe had disaster not come upon them. He and his companions returned from the hunt one day to discover all of the fighting men slaughtered, the camp burned, and the women gone. The few survivors spoke of a maniac wielding terrible magics and commanding the forces of darkness. All of the hunters immediately took a blood oath to never rest until this foe was repaid a hundredfold for the horrors he had wrought.

Kel and his mentor Wolfgar were the hungriest for vengeance, and they soon outpaced the other hunters in their race southward. The murderer's trail was surprisingly easy to follow, as if he had no concern for any who might wish him ill. A wiser man may have been driven to caution by such a sign, but it served only to stoke the fires of Kel's fury even higher. After days of travel, the trail finally disappeared near a quiet hamlet in the hills. This was barely a setback at all, however, as Wolfgar soon heard a tale from the villagers of a nearby, dangerous ruin. That evening, the two hunters hiked to the base of the hill upon which the ancient keep was built, camping there until first light would allow them to investigate further…

Kel Harunson

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